How to choose a photo booth backdrop

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The photo booth has come a long way since the dull days of the basic passport style strip of four head shots with a fixed plain colour backdrop.

Photo booths which are hired for parties and events are capable of so much more, using high-tech touchscreen displays and the latest in high resolution photo printing technology.

Using the latest green screen technology the choice of photo booth backdrops is now almost limitless. You can choose from a library of scenes, use your own logo, or you can even design your own.

A green screen backdrop will allow you to drop in virtually any scene or pattern under the sun to create the perfect look. Digital backdrop images easily replace the green-toned backdrop behind the subject via computer, transporting you to another place, time or environment. The backdrop choice can deliberately tie in with the theme of your party or event.

Would you like to transport your guests to the middle of the Saharan desert, to an alpine ski resort or to the 1920s glamour of the Great Gatsby? Your green screen photo booth will only be limited by your imagination – you can make it happen!

When choosing your backdrop it is important to consider:

  • Your party theme
  • Your guests – will they relate to a particular theme?
  • The event style – relaxed or formal?
  • The business opportunities – should you recognise sponsors by using their logos on the backdrop or publicise your own company?
  • Would you prefer to create your own design?

Some of the entertaining and creative photo booth backdrop choices available include:

A city backdrop  

Take your group photos against the backdrop of a cityscape – think Las Vegas for a casino party, Paris for a romantic theme, New York skyscrapers or London grandeur.

Go retro with a historical backdrop

You can conjure up throwback and vintage looks that tie in with your theme. How about a 1980s style party with retro images on the backdrop and 1980s themed props? Use tie-in prop sticks with rubix cubes, ghetto blasters, bright plastic sunglasses, speech bubbles, cassette tapes, hairspray and luminous colours and bright shapes.

Your company logo, or the logo of the sponsors of the event

Create a paparazzi style celebrity event with a red carpet sponsors backdrop. Or you can use your own branding to publicise your company as the photos will be sure to be shared by guests via social media.

Seasonal backdrop

Tie-in your photo booth backdrop with the season. For summer parties, a beach or  Hawaiian scene or sunset would be fun or perhaps a snowy alpine ski resort for Christmas parties.  

World landmarks

Recognisable landmarks are always fun to transport guests across the globe – how about the Egyptian pyramids, the Taj Mahal, the Hollywood sign for some glitz or the Statue of Liberty or Mount Rushmore for an American theme?

Use props that tie-in with your backdrop

Props that correlate with the green screen backgrounds will make for striking pictures and entertain your guests to. There is variety of props available to match most themes.

The right backdrop for photos is an essential and really makes the most out of your photo booth hire.  Depending on the occasion, you may want to go for something amusing or something sophisticated or to promote your business brand. The choice is yours, so feel free to show off your creativity on the day of your special event.