Hiring a Karaoke Booth for your Party

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A karaoke booth can be a great addition to any party or corporate event and it’s one that people are usually keen to try out.

One reason that karaoke is so popular is that if we are honest, we all harbour a dream, deep down, of being a rock star; and karaoke lets us express that. It’s also a huge amount of fun to sing along to music we love, particularly when we are in the company of friends and family. Even if we don’t want to sing solo, we can usually be encouraged to duet or sing as part of a small group.

If you are thinking of hiring a karaoke booth for your party here’s why it can benefit any event.

The Benefits of Karaoke at a Party

Karaoke can help us relax and get into the spirit of the party. Karaoke is also a great ice-breaker and helps guests get together who otherwise might not have mingled. This can be around their love of a particular genre of music or because they all want to be one of the Beatles.

A karaoke booth also helps to make your party more memorable because guests will always remember that time they dressed up and sang their favourite song, or who they were with when they created a pitch-perfect rendition of a duet they love. Even better, a karaoke booth helps to make the event even more memorable because guests can record their performance and keep the HD file so they can watch or listen to it whenever they want to.

Making a Feature of Your Karaoke Booth

If you book a karaoke booth for your party, ensure it gets a lot of attention by positioning it somewhere central. You could also mention it on your party invitations so that people can start thinking about what they would like to sing before they arrive.

If you are featuring the karaoke booth at a corporate event, you could offer a prize for the best performance or draw someone randomly as a winner from all those who took part. There’s nothing like a competitive element to encourage people to get up and sing.

Another way to make the karaoke booth an integral part of your evening is to make it fit with the theme of your event. This can work especially well if it’s a wedding, a particular birthday such as a Sweet Sixteen or even a fancy-dress event. If you are short of party theme ideas, you only have to head to Pinterest to find literally thousands of themed events which might be right for you, some of them really fun and unique.

Your theme might guide the music choices you make available during the party and it can also give you some great ideas for props or dress-up clothing which your guests can wear as they give their karaoke performance. Everyone feels more relaxed when they have a great hat or pair of platform boots to get them into the spirit of the band they are representing.

If you have decided that a karaoke booth is right for your party, ensure you book as early as possible once you know the date as entertainment ideas like this get booked up fast. The final thing to remember is to make sure you get time in the karaoke booth sometime during the evening. After all, you are throwing the party and the host always gets the first pick of the music.

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