A Guide to Company Christmas Party Ideas

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Autumn is here and that means if you are planning a Christmas party for your company, you need to move fast. Ensuring you secure the venue, catering and entertainment you vital.

Many parties stand or fall by their entertainment and the right choice can definitely make a corporate event that much more memorable.

Here are three ideas which will have your staff talking about your Christmas party until this time next year.

Selfie Photo Booth

We all love to take selfies with our mobile phones, especially when we are dressed up for a party, and that’s what makes a selfie photo booth such a great addition to any event.

The booth looks like a large ornate mirror which really stands out as a feature in any function room. Guests can then pose in front of the mirror, alone or in groups, and the fun captions on the screen help to make the photo a unique one as you follow along with the instructions. You can even sign your name on the screen or add a variety of text.

Once your guests are happy with the finished result, they can either print the photo or share the image direct to social media from the inbuilt social station. This is an excellent way for your staff to show what a great time they are having, plus it creates lasting memories of your event.

Video Booth

A video booth is a great option for a company party as it can be customized to reflect your brand or a particular theme you have chosen for the event.

The inbuilt diary room offers a place for guests to leave messages; talk about the party, or share experiences of life at work throughout the year. You can even add questions which will prompt visitors to the video booth to share certain information, such as their best memory of that year’s party.

All the video recorded in the booth can be uploaded to a secure website from where it can be shared with your guests. It’s also possible to export the original HD footage in a variety of formats. One further use would be to showcase it in your company marketing and recruitment material as it’s a great example of your staff bonding and enjoying an evening together.

Karaoke Booth

We may need a cocktail or two before we are ready to sing but karaoke remains a firm favourite at any party. What’s even better about the karaoke booth is that you can record your performance, download the file and play it back whenever you wish.

The karaoke booth can be customized to fit your brand or the theme of your party and additional props can be added to get your guests in the mood to sing their hearts out. After all, Elton John glasses or a glam rock feather boa always help you look the part.

Guests can sing solo, as a duet or as part of a group of four and there are song choices to suit all tastes, with the words appearing on the karaoke booth screen to make it super easy. The booth is also fitted with disco lights to turn it into a true nightclub experience.

Do any of these ideas sound like the right fit for your company party? If so, it’s best to decide early as party entertainment usually gets booked up fast close to Christmas.

Once you have booked your entertainment make sure you plan where you will place the booth in your function room so it gets plenty of people passing by and popping in. You could even create signs so people know where to head. In advance of the evening let your guests know what will be on offer or include details on your invitations. This builds anticipation and gives your guests something extra to look forward to.

After that, all you need to do is enjoy the night along with your guests and naturally don’t forget to pay a visit to any one of the booths to create your own memories.

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