Why is the Selfie Photo Booth so Popular?

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We are all now accustomed to taking selfies and the hashtag #me is one of the most used on Instagram. The word selfie started being attached to images on photo-sharing site Flickr as far back as 2004. However, it was not until the iPhone 4 was launched, with its front-facing camera that the concept really took off.

From that watershed moment, the rise of the selfie has never abated. The daughters of President Obama have taken selfies, Ellen DeGeneres took a very famous selfie at the Oscars and there was even the first selfie taken in space when astronaut Steve Robinson took a photo of himself undertaking repairs on the Space Shuttle Discovery. 2013 was the year the word selfie entered the Oxford English Dictionary and was named word of the year.

Selfies Are Now Mainstream

Selfies are now so popular that a party wouldn’t be complete without them and 2016 has truly been the year of the selfie photo booth. Every type of event, from corporate gatherings through to wedding receptions and birthday parties, has featured the booths.

Back in 2014 high street retailer French Connection also got in on the action when they installed booths in a number of their larger stores where visitors could take a snap and have it beamed around the store, giving them a small taste of fame.

Book a Selfie Booth for Your Party

Selfie booths have become so popular because they are such a great addition to any party. They appeal to all age groups and provide a memory of the night that will last forever. If you have a themed party, you can add props so people can dress up and get even more into the spirit of the night.

Sharing Your Event

If you want your party or corporate event to reach a wider audience, you can do so via social media. Choose a hashtag and let everyone know to use it when they upload images from the selfie booth to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Many people will then share images throughout the event and this can be great for family and friends, who weren’t able to attend, and even better for corporate events where the free publicity will allow you to reach a much wider audience.

Booking a Selfie Booth

If you are planning an event and you want to include a selfie booth, ensure this is one of the first things you book after the venue has been decided on. Selfie booths have proved so popular this year they are now getting booked up well in advance of events and delaying could lead to disappointment. With the ways things are progressing, and the never abating popularity both of selfies and of selfie booths, it looks like this will continue on into 2017. There will also be new advancements happening to the technology so this is one trend we can be sure is here to stay.

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