Planning a business launch party

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You want the launch of your brand, business or product to be memorable and a business launch party is the ideal way to announce your offering to a key group of influencers, be that press or the public.

What is a launch event?  

A product or business launch event is intended to create awareness and buzz for your company or product, ideally building demand.


While large, established brands may have a seemingly bottomless budget for product launch parties and events, start ups or boutique businesses may have to be slightly more creative on a smaller budget. You can still have a successful launch without blowing the budget!

Have an idea of how you want to spend in total, then you can allocate a percentage of the budget to the venue, food and entertainment.


Your chosen theme should suit your product and business, whilst remaining quirky enough to spark the interest of your guest list – after all you want them to be talking about your brand when they leave the event!

Guest list

The purpose of your business launch party should help you determine who makes it onto the guest list. Do you want to sell or distribute a product, gain media coverage, build consumer awareness, catch the interest of influential industry figures?

There are three main types of event:

  • Media events – designed to showcase your product/service/brand to members of the press
  • Consumer events – designed to place your product in front of potential – and existing – customers
  • Trade events – specifically for relevant industry influencers such as editors of trade publications

The guest list is critical to the success of your event, as those who attend will spread the word.


The venue you choose is one of the most – if not the most – important elements of a successful business launch party, as it will say a lot about you as a brand or business.

Key things to bear in mind when choosing a venue:

  • Target your venue to the type of event – whether trade, media or consumer
  • The venue should represent or relate to the product/brand in some way
  • Try to ensure your chosen venue is easy to get to
  • Think outside the box – try to find a unique location

Word of mouth

Spreading the word about your launch event could take the classic route of a formal invitation, or it could be all over social media – the choice is yours and should reflect your product or brand in some way.


Once you have decided where to hold your event and who to invite, you need to think about the actual launch itself.

  • What will make it memorable?
  • What will the press want to print or post?
  • What will make guests want to attend?

If you are launching a product, you could offer special introductory promotional pricing for the duration of the event only.

A celebrity or recognised influencer on the guest list could be a focal point, or – if the budget allows – create a unique hashtag or filter for social media to build a buzz around the event.

Props such as photo booths, karaoke machines, and giant football tables all add an element of fun to your event, whilst a mini me photo keyring or Lush Lips lip balm with 21 flavours in one makes the perfect gift to take away from the event.

Don’t lose momentum

Following your successful business launch party, it’s crucial that you keep the momentum going for your new brand or product. Follow up with your target audience and call or contact those who showed interest at the launch.

The launch party is a crucial yet exciting time in the life of your new business, brand or product. Whilst it may feel stressful whilst you are planning it, remember to enjoy the main event as the start of big things to come.